I received my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Chicago in 2019. My research focuses on Ancient Greek Philosophy, in particular Aristotle's epistemology and philosophy of science. Currently I am writing a book with the working title Aristotle's Virtue Epistemology. I am also interested in tracing Aristotelian ideas in logic, metaphysics and epistemology as they appear over the history of philosophy, up to and including the present. As of Fall 2019 I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.

Selected papers and projects

Aristotle on the objects of natural and mathematical sciences [preprint|published]

Aristotle on the necessity of what we understand [preprint|published]

"Men go grey": Robert Kilwardby and the Logic of Natural Contingency [abstract|preprint]

Aristotle on Necessity in Zoology [talk]

Term Kinds and the Formality of Aristotelian Modal Logic [pdf]

The Way Past the Stripping Argument in Hegel and Aristotle [pdf]

A full(er) list of my publications can be found on my PhilPeople profile


Philosophy and Persons (100-level)

Metaphysics (200-level)

History of Ancient Greek Philosophy (300-level)

Aristotle on Logic and Science (graduate)

History of Logical Hylomorphism (graduate)

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